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Just Cats Boarding

'Your Kitty's Home Away from Home' Cat Boarding

'Your Kitty's Home Away from Home' Cat Boarding

'Your Kitty's Home Away from Home' Cat Boarding'Your Kitty's Home Away from Home' Cat Boarding

Let's GO

Making a Reservation

Whether you have your dates all set or just looking around for a safe, fun and loving place to take care of your furry family member, PLEASE CALL Deanna at 952.955.3990                                                      I am here for you to answer any question you might have.

No Need to Worry

There is no need to worry about your cat's stay at Just Cats Boarding.  I welcome your phone calls while you are away for any reason.  Also, upon your drop off of kitty I will give you my cell phone # so we can text Q & A and photos.  It is always fun to get a picture or possibly a video of your kitty's fun adventure while you are having your own. I have been known to bring the phone to your kitty so they can hear your voice.

Kittie's adjustment to new surroundings

All kitties will have their own adjustment time when they first get here.  I like to stay as close to your feeding schedule as much possible.  If your kitty eats can food, no problem, if your kitty likes to be fed 3 times a day, no problem. Normal feeding time is am/pm. KItties can be picky eaters so please bring the food your kitty prefers.


I do supply all of these but if you feel your kitty might be nervous, I suggest to better help your kitty adapt, please feel free to bring:

~a favorite blanket

~toys (some might not make it home with you)

~own food/water dish

~own bed

~favorite treats

~anything that your kitty will be reminded of home

~Please bring your kitty in a carrier, you can leave it at Just Cats until kitty goes home